Kernel Hacks

This is a collection of patches I have written for the Linux kernel.

Fairsched - Fair CPU scheduler

Fairsched is a hierarchical fair CPU scheduler. Processes are divided into groups and each group receives guaranteed CPU time allocation proportional to its weight. The standard scheduler is used to schedule processes within a group. It can be used to divide CPU time fairly among users or for more flexible CPU time allocation on busy compute servers.

Fairsched has its own page:

/dev/atomicps - Atomic snapshots of process data

This driver allows you to take atomic snapshots of all the data normally found in /proc/<pid>/ (except command line arguments and environment). It has the following advantages over /proc:

Available for download:

Please note that this is still experimental code, come again for updates.

Comments and bug reports are more than welcome.

Borislav Deianov <>
Last updated on 21 April 2000.

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